Case Studies

Wireless Wide Area Networks

Wireless Networking Solutions has worked with Northern Wells School Corp. since 1999. In addition to their data needs Northern Wells resides in 3 separate phone company territories which was costing them around $2,600.00 per month in long distance charges. With our Ceragon wireless equipment they are operating at gigabit speed with no long distance phone bill.

Wireless Local Area Network

Warrick County Schools has been a customer of Wireless Networking Solutions since 2005. One project that we completed for them was to design and install their Cisco wireless LAN. They're currently utilizing 4 controllers and operating at 802.11N speeds in 16 buildings.

Security Systems

Wireless Networking Solutions began providing video surveillance for the Lafayette School Corporation in 2007. We currently have hundreds of Sony IP security cameras throughout the corporation operating on ExacqVision servers and we have installed Kantech and Aiphone systems for their door access control.

Cell Signal Boosters

Wireless Networking Solutions used our Surecall Cell Booster technology to upgrade one of the Indianapolis Colts locations from nearly non-existent cell phone signal to a continually reliable cell zone.